We've helped businesses
expand in over 30+ countries,
including 7 different languages.

500+ Businesses Served

15+ Years of Experience

$34M Total Google Ads
Advertising Spend

$1M in A/B Testing

Since 2014, we have had a 100% success rate
in generating 30%-300% first year increased
revenue for every new client.

Our Team

We have been working together as a team for over a decade.

Thomas Jefferson


“I worked for large companies like corporate Godaddy.com, manager of PPC/SEO at Biovea.com and owned the best SEO company in Arizona, which sold to a larger SEO company in 2014.”

At 16 years old in 1997 I built my first client website for a car dealership. At 17 I was one of the first few people in Kansas to be Cisco Networking Certified and I helped co-build the first computer network for a high school, two elementary schools, a hospital, and a 911 station.

By the age of 37 now I have worked with over 480 different industries, had amazing mentors, was the SEO & PPC corporate team leader at Godaddy.com, an SEO classroom trainer, managed over $36M dollars in advertising spend since 2007 for multiple companies and spent over $1M in A/B testing, helped expand a global e-commerce business from 5 English sites to 122 sites in 30 countries in 7 languages, owned two #1 top-ranked SEO companies, in both Arizona & Kansas.

Won all-expense-paid trip awards from Google for PPC performance, and been to the headquarters in Boston and California and worked with 3 dedicated senior Google PPC teams at 3 major companies.

I love to travel and travel often between Kansas, Florida, Arizona and the Philippines. Love renewable energy, solar, wind energy, crypto currency, Tesla, natural health and healing, traveling, psychology, human behavior analyzation, lie detection, forward progress, inspirational and educational writing, research and analysis.

  • Fewer clients, more personal attention.
  • No cheap automated systems.
  • No SEO/PPC outsourcing.

“Your success is directly proportionate to the quantity and quality with which you help others.” – Thomas Jefferson (T.J.)

Rahul Verma

Senior Frontend Developer

“I’ve designed, developed, and deployed customized web-based solutions for mom-n-pop shops all the way up to multi-million dollar corporations. Working with my brother, Ankur, since we were kids, we have witnessed many businesses become successful through our web development projects.”

  • Master of WordPress, PHP, CSS & HTML5 code.
  • Custom designed our own branded WordPress theme.
    Expert at AJAX, jQuery, and Pure JavaScript.
  • Mobile website and app development expert

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Ankur Verma

Senior Web & Graphic Design Artist

“I started designing and fell in love with it when I was a kid. Where some people see a logo, I see a past, a future and a present, I see a personality and the psychology of colors, shapes and images that make up the whole of a larger vision and I bring it all together into a piece of art that drives home that vision.”

  • Photoshop genius.
  • Conversion rate design expert.
  • Designed graphics, logos, shirts, hats and printed products for over 300 businesses.

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry